Snowmobilers Care About the Environment

 Snowmobilers Care About the Environment

For more than forty years snowmobilers have acted as environmental stewards, doing our part to keep nature beautiful.

CCSO-CCOM encourages snowmobilers to:

Stay on the Trail – Whenever possible, reduce your environmental footprint by riding on organized snowmobile trails, which act as defined corridors to move sleds with minimal impact on nature.

Embrace New Technologies
– Today’s clean and advanced technology snowmobiles run even more efficiently, effectively and much quieter too. They also benefit Mother Nature by significantly reducing emissions and virtually eliminate smoke and smell.

Leave Tracks, Not Trash – If you had the space to bring it in, then respect nature by carrying litter out with you. This includes sleds parts, such as broken belts, oil containers or used spark plugs.

Spread the Word – Snowmobiling and the environment is a good news story. Snowmobilers are proud of their stewardship contributions and the CCSO encourages every rider to spread the word about our progress in keeping nature beautiful.

Protect Wildlife – Animals are more vulnerable in winter, so keep your distance and leave them alone, allowing them to move away from you at their own pace. Avoid riding in areas reserved for endangered species.

Maintain Your Sled – A well-tuned snowmobile is more environmentally friendly, efficient and reliable, so be sure your sled is in tip top shape before each ride.

Keep It Quiet – Refrain from replacing the manufacturer’s certified and approved muffler with noisy after market pipes that may disturb wildlife, increase emissions and annoy others.

Respect Sensitive Areas – There are lots of other places to ride, so avoid areas marked as environmentally sensitive or protected habitats.