Snowmobiling By The Numbers

Snowmobiling By The Numbers*

Snowmobiling is great exercise that brings people outdoors to interact with nature and each other. It is an invigorating sport that is great for stress release and good mental health.

Snowmobiling is a great family lifestyle. It is an activity that keeps parents and kids together. Historically, individuals who snowmobile at a young age continue to snowmobile with their parents throughout their lives, sharing great experiences as a family. In many winter regions, snowmobiling is simply the main form of winter outdoor recreation and in some cases the main method of transportation available.

121,297 – Total kilometers of organized snowmobile trails in Canada

250,000+ Number of user-pay memberships/pass/trail permits sold annually in Canada

610,000 Registered snowmobiles in Canada

1.5 Million – Number of family members snowmobiling in Canada

50,752 – Total number of new snowmobiles sold in Canada (4.1% increase year over year)

8+ Billion – The Canadian economic engine of snowmobiling for the 2013/14 season that occurs mostly in rural Canada

58+ Million – Individual user pay fees paid by snowmobilers for the rights to membership and organized trail access in Canada

42+ Years the CCSO has been providing leadership & support to organized snowmobiling in Canada

729 Snowmobile clubs in Canada managed by Volunteers providing Winter Tourism to rural Canada

12 – Provincial or territorial snowmobile organizations in Canada

44 – Average age of a snowmobiler

70% / 30% – Percentage of men and women actively participating in the recreation of snowmobiling

3+ Million – Dollars raised annually and donated to charities by snowmobilers in Canada

CCSO Snowmobiling by the Numbers May 2016 (PDF)

*As of May 2016