February Is National Environment Month

February Is National Environment Month

Canadian Council of Snowmobile Organizations Snowmobile Responsibly Campaign Reminds Riders to Keep Nature Beautiful.

February is National Snowmobiling Environment Month.

Through the new Snowmobile Responsibly campaign introduced by the Canadian Council of Snowmobile Organizations (CCSO), everyone is encouraged to take personal responsibility for his or her decisions and actions on the snow this winter. Every day, riders make many important, snowmobile-related decisions that can impact their personal well-being, that of others and of the natural setting in which they ride. Snowmobile Responsibly should be based on obeying applicable laws and rules, using good common sense, riding with care and control, and making smart choices to keep nature beautiful.

Here are a few tips to help riders Snowmobile Responsibly continue to demonstrate that snowmobilers love the environment too:

Respect Sensitive Areas – There are lots of other places to ride, so avoid areas marked as environmentally sensitive or protected.

Stay On The Trail – Wherever possible, reduce your environmental impact by riding and staying on organized trails.

Leave Tracks, Not Trash – If you had space to bring it in, then respect nature by carrying it out with you.

Protect Wildlife – Animals are more vulnerable in winter, so keep your distance and leave them alone.

Embrace New Technologies – Mother Nature appreciates new advanced technology snowmobiles that run even more efficiently and effectively, use less fuel and oil, and operate with virtually no smoke or smell.

Maintain Your Sled – A well-tuned snowmobile is more environmentally friendly and reliable.

Leave It Stock – Refrain from using aftermarket pipes that increase noise and annoy others.

Spread the Word – Snowmobiling is a good news story because snowmobiles have improved continuously thanks to oil injection, sound reduction measures, variable height exhaust valves, direct injection, on-board computers, and new 2-stroke and 4-stroke engine technologies that comply with new EPA requirements.

Keeping nature beautiful during each and every ride depends primarily on the personal decisions and actions of each rider, so choose to Snowmobile Responsibly this winter.

Confirmed August 2023