Frequently Asked Questions

Where do snowmobilers ride?

Approximately eighty percent (80%) of snowmobilers use their snowmobile for trail riding and touring. The other twenty percent (20%) use their snowmobile for work and ice fishing.

Who maintains snowmobile trails?

In Canada and the USA, snowmobile clubs construct, maintain and map trails, usually in cooperation with provincial, state and local governments.

Are snowmobiles used only for recreation?

No, they serve many functions. In remote portions of Canada and the US, snowmobiles are some residents’ primary mode of transportation. Snowmobiles are relied upon by law enforcement units throughout the snow belt for search-and-rescue work and emergency missions. They are also used by surveyors, ranchers, public utility employees, environmental and wildlife scientists, and countless others. Snowmobiles are also widely used by cross country ski race officials, dog sled races and by ski patrols for rescue purposes.

I want information on a specific snowmobile. How can I get that information?

Each manufacturer has specific information on each of their models. Please contact the manufacturers through their websites or contact your local snowmobile dealer.

I am looking for repair parts and/or information for my snowmobile, can you help me?

We recommend that you contact the dealer you bought your snowmobile from or from your local dealer. They should have the necessary parts and expertise to help you repair your snowmobile or they can put you in touch directly with the manufacturer or supplier of any repair parts.

I have an antique snowmobile and was wondering if you can help me find information on shows and/or repair parts for my machine?

The Antique Snowmobile Club located in Minnesota is eager to help you and has a great deal of information on antique snowmobile shows, parts, etc.

I am interested in snowmobile racing schedules and locations, how do I find out where snowmobile races are occurring?

For all snowmobile racing information, please call the International Snowmobile Racing Association (ISR) at 262-335-2401.

How do I find out what trail conditions are or what is going on in an individual province or state?

Information for individual provinces and states including any riding rules are available from the individual provincial/state associations’ websites. The website www.gosnowmobiling.org provides very helpful links by province and state for both hospitality and trails.

*Reproduced from ISMA website.