The Great Canadian Snowmobile Trail

Great Canadian Snowmobile Trail

The Great Canadian Snowmobile Trail was established in 1998 by CCSO-CCOM through the cooperation of its 12 provincial/territorial snowmobile associations. As North America’s first coast-to-coast recreational trail, it follows an independent route across the nation’s snowbelt. The trail was the result of several years of volunteer cooperation between snowmobile clubs and their members across Canada. It has been instrumental in the planning and creation of numerous new winter tourism projects across the country.

The Great Canadian Snowmobile Trail Map

The Great Canadian Snowmobile Trail (GCST)

The Great Canadian Snowmobile Trail, founded in 1992, is one of the largest volunteer efforts undertaken in Canada. This trail is used by millions of Canadians and visitors alike to experience the country’s legendary wilderness. Now eighty (80) percent connected, the Trail is over 18,000 kilometers long and links the Atlantic, Pacific and Arctic coasts. Comprised of locally managed segments, the Trail is within thirty (30) minutes of more than 80 percent of the Canadian population and runs through or near 1,000 communities.

The Great Canadian Snowmobile Trail is a charitable organization created to promoGreat Canadian Snowmobile Trailte and assist in the development and use of the GCST by supporting success at the local level. The Board of Directors provides support and guidance. The organization is also represented by provincial and territorial organizations in every region that work at the regional and local levels to ensure the Trail is planned and built according to the needs and desires of local communities. Most of the CCSO provincial and territorial members work with the local GCST organizations in the building and maintenance of the GCST network.

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